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Chasing colors in the void. A game we made to Zen you.

What does your happiness feel like. What was your first memory. Who has changed you. Restless seekers, bustling, endeavoring, zealously and always busy. Their origin is the same, but their paths are not. Somewhere between life and dream, we are an observer of our own experience. While in many games the beings are eliminated by clicks, in RŌA you put them at rest or awake them again. Are you playing them? Are they playing you? The journey is the destination here, a challenge not everyone is ready for. Chasing meaning in the void.

RŌA\ro'-a\n. See also REST (contemporary): ancient tongue for TRANQUILITY, REPOSE: State of inner calm. Also: stillness, silence, peace.

“If you’re open to interactive experiences that encourage you to enter a dreamlike state and to play with visuals then it’s worth checking out. It’s a game about finding the bliss in noise.”
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AENTITY challenges you as an artist. Leaving my mind behind, the contours of the ego blur. Past the dream wall are no rules to break, there are playful moves to make, veiled visions to wake, unseen pictures to take.

To win this game, you must awake the artist in you...

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Ein Spiel des Lebens A Game of Life

Zu den Regeln:

Man kann sich frei bewegen.
Man kann mit einiger Beharrung seinen eigenen Weg verfolgen.
Dabei ist nicht raus, ob das der bessere ist.
Aber er eröffnet einem plötzlich ganz neue Welten.
Man wird dabei aber oft leicht abgelenkt.
Dann folgt man fremden Zielen.
Manchmal, nein oft merkt man das gar nicht.
Das kann auch sehr schön sein.
Alles ändert sich immerzu.
Unterwegs sind manchmal Überraschungen verborgen.
Man kann so ziemlich von überall nach überallhin gelangen.
Man kommt aber nicht in der Mitte an.
Es gibt einen definierten Anfang und ein leicht definiertes Schlussbild.
Manche sehen nicht alles
weil sie sich immerzu wie wild bewegen.

You can move freely.
You can follow your own way with some persistence.
It is not sure, though, if your way is better than the other one.
One way looks like the other...
But suddenly your own way can offer new worlds to you.
Thereby your way is easily distracted.
Then you follow unknown destinations.
Sometimes you do not notice that.
This can also be very beautiful.
Everything changes all the time.
Sometimes there are hidden surprises.
You can get to anywhere from anywhere.
There is also a definite beginning and a defined final image.
If you are inside the specials, you can be distracted.
As long as one is not distracted, it attracts an ever more into it.
It is not possible to reach the middle. The system switches before.
Some do not see everything, because they move all the time like crazy.